News Articles Companions

About News Articles Companions

News Articles module has been helping DNN administrators to publish articles and blogs to their DNN portals since 2004. Development of this module has been stopped in 2014. We still as an old DNN user love this module and continue using and developing it. We made news article compatible with DNN 9.2 and also we created 4 complementary modules for this product.

This package includes:
  • News Articles Slider
  • News Articles Tag Cloud
  • + Free News Articles for DNN 9.2
  • News Transfer
  • News Articles Image Organizer
News Articles Slider:

This module is a template driven slider that connects to News Articles module and show news in a slider format.

News Articles Tag Cloud:

This module shows tags list of News Articles module in different styles.

News Articles Image Organizer:

Imagine you have a big site with thousands of news and images uploaded by different users in different directories. With this module, you can organize News Articles images in to classified by year directories, and helps you to identify unused images and delete them. this module moves images to your selected target directory and updates News Articles module data in database.

News Transfer:

If you have some content in "ZLDNN DNN Article" and you want to have them in "Ventrian News Articles" then this module does it for you. You need to install this module on DNN where ZLDNN DNN Article is and export its content in a format Ventrian News Articles can read.

News Articles for DNN 9.2:

A customized version of News Articles module that is compatible with DNN 7.4.2, DNN 8.x and DNN 9.x (including DNN 9.2 and later).


  • Slider
  • Tag Cloud
  • Image Organizer
  • Transfer
  • All News Articles Latest module features
  • Template driven slider
  • Option to create any css/js effect
  • 4 different styles
  • Option to choose News Articles modules
  • Option to choose number of tags to show
  • Option to choose News Articles Module
  • Option to choose articles range (from/to)
  • Option to choose target directory
  • Option to choose DNN Article module
  • Option to export categories, comments and attachements